A Price for Time?

by Melissa on July 12, 2013

Our recent Disney trip gave us lots of opportunity to truly test the transportation system at Walt Disney World.  We did it all  – buses, monorail, train, boat, and of course feet.

Many people will agree that Walt Disney World does offer a fabulous transportation system to its resort guests – one that gets you anywhere you want on property without having to drive your own car.  Great, right?  Well, maybe.

I have mentioned the pitfalls of  Disney transportation before and it’s no secret that my dear husband does NOT like to take the Disney buses anywhere. He prefers the other Disney modes of transportation (monorail, boat)- and if those aren’t available, he will take a taxi.  Always.

In the spirit of teaching my kids patience, I decided to force the issue and use the bus one afternoon to get to Downtown Disney.  We weren’t in a hurry, so why not?

My oldest daughter (who often sides with her father on issues like this), decided to time our adventure.  “Great idea”, I exclaimed!  Patience AND a little math . . . I like it!

I felt the future of success within my grasp. I knew that even though we spent 20 minutes at the bus stop waiting, our trip to Downtown Disney would be quick and uneventful.  My children would learn the beautiful virtue of patience and victory would be mine.

Well, 59:28 later, we  finally arrived at our destination. Yep, that’s right.  59 minutes and 28 seconds.

What happened?  Well, after we boarded a near empty bus, we stopped at 3 other resorts and packed on what seemed to be about 400 more people. We were all piled in like sweaty sardines – son on lap, stroller folded and pressed tight against me, and lovely lady to my right who didn’t seem to mind skin contact.

And if that wasn’t bad enough – our bus driver definitely took the scenic route that morning.  I claim no expertise in driving the Disney roads, but I know my way around enough to realize that we were not taking main arteries to get to Downtown Disney.

Not exactly the ride I anticipated – and for the record – a taxi ride from our resort (The Boardwalk) to Downtown Disney is approximately $15.00 – why, oh why didn’t we take a taxi??? Oh, yes, that’s right.  The lesson. On patience.

Well, patience is overrated.  For the remainder of our trip, if we couldn’t take a boat, monorail or walk to our destination – we took a taxi.

Total cost for those 10 additional taxi rides – approx. $200.00 ($20/ride including tip).

It may seem like a lot when you look at the numbers, but now let’s compare it to potential time lost waiting and traveling via bus.

Yes, to be fair, not every bus ride will eat an hour of your day, so let’s go with a very conservative 30 min instead (and that is being VERY conservative in my opinion).

Thirty minutes waiting and riding a bus 10 times – 300 minutes.  That’s 5 hours!  If you throw in 1 or 2 not-so-lucky adventures like ours . . .  it’s more like 6 or 7 hours!

And depending on how long you stay and where you stay (not all of the resorts offer alternative modes of transportation), you are going to be on a bus more than 10 times. So it isn’t unrealistic that a family could spend an entire day of a week-long trip on transportation alone.

It’s kind of crazy when you think of it.

Unless you look at the bigger picture and compare what you think you are saving to the time you are actually spending, you might be surprised.

When budgeting for your next trip – hotel, tickets, souvenirs, food – maybe allot a little extra for the occasional taxi?  Or maybe consider a resort that offers other modes of transportation?  After all, time is worth something.

And the price of time in this family seems to be about $15.00/hour 🙂

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Darlene July 12, 2013 at 10:18 pm

Great article… I will call for a taxi next time I’m in Disney!! You can’t put a price on your time especially while on vacation.


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